What is EZorb Calcium®

EZorb CalciumŪ - Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous  

EZorb Calcium is composed of organic ezorb1compounds (Green plant and vegetable extracts), unlike inorganic calcium sources such as calcium carbonate, calcium citrate or calcium gluconate, which are easily found in the earth as reefs, rocks or limestone deposits. EZorb Calcium is scientifically synthesized by way of Elixir Industry's proprietary technology, and is guaranteed to be soluble for absorption and subsequent bio-utilization.

EZorb Calcium is Elixir Industry's patented form of anhydrous L-aspartic acid chelates of calcium, also referred to as anhydrous calcium aspartate.

Created by binding molecules of L-aspartic acids to atoms of calcium, anhydrous calcium aspartate is the most stable form of calcium aspartate. Laboratory tests show that anhydrous calcium aspartate is 6 times more stable than other forms of calcium aspartate. Among various forms of calcium aspartate, anhydrous calcium aspartate stands out with an unprecedented 92% absorption rate.

L-aspartic acid is a critically important amino acid, one of the building blocks of the human body. When bonded to calcium, aspartic acids serve as bodyguards to protect calcium against attacks from inorganic compounds regularly found in foods and function as transport media to deliver calcium to sites where it can be absorbed and utilized. In layman terms, your body knows the difference between Organic substance(generally food) which absorbs easily and inorganic substance (generally nonfood items) which the body tries to reject to protect itself.

What is not absorbed will end up in the toilet. Did you know most calcium products sold contain Calcium Carbonate which is only 5%-8% absorption, meaning 92%-95% of the product end up in the toilet thus being useless.

The best inorganic calcium you can purchase is Calcium Citrate which is 25%-28% absorption rate meaning 72%-75% ends up in the toilet. All other forms of inorganic calcium fall in between these two. If you do a little math you will find inorganic calcium is expensive compared to EZorb based on absorption.

EZorb calcium does not contain any vitamin D or magnesium only inorganic calcium has to have this added. Read FAQ to find out why.

Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous stands out with an unprecedented 92% absorption rate.